The Needs App FAQ

The Needs App is the simplest and easiest way to understand and agree on customers problems, processes, goals, needs and requirements.  It is for anyone, or any organization, that wants to deliver to exceed customer expecations, across stakeholder and team groups.

What is "The Needs App"?

The Needs App is simple and easy app and process to both define and agree on a customers need and basic requirements.  It is a business needs asssessment. The Needs App is a collaborative application, meaning it is used for any process where agreement on customer needs is critical.  The Needs App then is a collaboration and end deliverable that provides business assessment of needs and potential plans and proposals. It provides a collaborative center across organizations to agree on Needs and replaces word documents, powerpoint and other practices that bottleneck collaborative processes.


​Why is "The Needs App" so simple?

We invented The Needs App because we were frustrated in the market and approaches for understanding customer needs and problems.  Just too many models, and proprietary tools that are not conducive to collaboration and gaining agreement across complex organizational boundaries.  We like to say we did not invent the needs assessment, we just invented simplifying it and we believe simpliication is innovation.



Must I have SharePoint 2013 to use The Needs App?

Yes. The Needs App is sold through the Microsoft SharePoint Store, and is simple plug-and-play app into any SharePoint 2013 site or hosted Office 365.  It will not run on any previous version of SharePoint. 

What is "The Needs App" process?

The Needs App process is: People paint the picture to get Results.  Is a simple, patented 3 step process that is integrated within the app.  Walking through definition and agreement on the 3 People, Picture and Results of The Needs App is the optimal path for agreement. 


What does "The Needs App" cost?

The Needs App is now available in the SharePoint App store for free.



When do I use "The Needs App"?

The Needs App is used anytime you want to gain consensus and agreement on Needs, Requirements, Problems with a customer to build a better plan or proposal.  This can be when you create a SharePoint site and want to ensure it is used effectively; or if you are selling a large ticket item or service and want to understand and agree on customer needs to deliver better solutions.  Or it can be used by large IT departments to better understand and assess their customers problems.


Can my company license, resell or customize The Needs App? 

​Yes. We can license The Needs App to companies that would like to customize and rebrand The Needs App for their own businesses or companies.  Please contact us; or drop us an email at

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